Learn to Fly with our Airline Cadet Pilot Program

Flight Options Cadet Pilot Program is a comprehensive airline pilot syllabus taking aspiring pilots from zero time through to Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating & Multi Crew Cooperation.

We have secured a number of airline positions* with national carriers. Cadets will be considered for these positions upon successful completion of the Cadet Pilot Program.

Airline Cadet Pilot program

Airline Cadet Pilot Program Key Criteria

  • Must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen/Permanent Resident and hold a passport for either country and with the right to work in Australia.
  • No Criminal record.Hold a valid Australian State driving Licence at time of commencement of employment with the Airline.
  • Qualify to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC).
  • Have read, understand and accepted all Airline Conditions of employment, including social media and confidentiality and behavioral standards.
  • Understand that basing of employment will be at the Airlines discretion and be for a minimum of three years.
  • Understand there will be a training bond relating to type rating at the Airline that is legally enforceable and will prorate to zero after 36 months from being checked to line.
  • Will undertake regular workplace visits to the Airline including:
    • Familiarisation flights
    • Simulator sessions
    • HFNTS training
    • Safety briefings
    • Short unpaid internships with functional departments
  • Have successfully completed one of the following CPL subjects: Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Navigation, Performance or Meteorology, prior to commencement of the cadetship.
  • Be eligible for a Class 1 medical.
  • Possess and maintain good grooming, neat and tidy attire, be a team player and be a Flight Options and Airline “Ambassador”.
  • Have maintained acceptable attendance, commitment and demonstrated values throughout the pilot program, to Flight Options and the Airline.
  • Be able to meet English Proficiency (Level 6) requirements.
  • Demonstrated commitment and passion for aviation.
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