Flight Options Advanced Training and Simulation is located at Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU), Queensland, Australia with direct access to major domestic airlines and international connections, a range of accommodation, transport, restaurants and leisure-lifestyle options. The Sunshine Coast is a tourism destination, with a warm sub-tropical climate close to the world-famous Noosa and Mooloolaba beaches, and perhaps the reason why many pilots visiting Flight Options for training bring their families, stay a little longer and come back again!!

For more information about the Sunshine Coast region,  Visit Sunshine Coast website.

The Centre offers state of the art learning technology and systems.



  • Beechcraft King Air B200 Level D full-motion simulator
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i Level D full-motion simulator
  • Beechcraft King Air B200/350i procedural trainers


  • Three large training rooms: equipped with the latest learning technology
  • Four individual briefing rooms
  • Shared lunch room and kitchen area
  • Technology including guest wi-fi and iPads for flight planning
  • Aircraft parking
  • Vehicle parking
  • Located at Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU)
  • Direct domestic flight connections to Capital cities
  • Direct connections to international flights
  • Close to car rental, taxi, Uber and bus transport
  • Close to a range of accommodation, restaurants and shopping centres.