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The Jet transition course is designed to incorporate elements of training into one course to prepare for business aviation and airline operations for a multi crew environment. The course covers the basic prerequisites that are necessary to operate in this environment and is an excellent pathway for preparation for the ATPL test.

The Jet Transition course is conducted at the Flight Options Advanced Training and Simulator Centre located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Pilots will have access to a full motion Level D Mustang C510 simulator on site to complete training.


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To be eligible to commence the Jet Transition course you must hold at least:

  • Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Licence
  • ATPL Human Factors Theory Exam pass result
  • Current Aviation Medical
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Course Overview

The course covers the following elements:

  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course
  • Cessna Citation C510 Multi Crew Type Rating
  • Basic Gas Turbine (GTE) Course
  • High Altitude Training including Pressurisation Systems
  • Reduce Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Retractable Undercarriage (RU)

The candidate will receive the following qualifications in their licence:

  • Type Rating: C510
  • Design Feature:
    • Gas Turbine Engine (GTE)
    • Pressurisation System (PXS)
    • Retractable Undercarriage (RU)

Certificates will be issued for the following:

  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

How to Apply

To apply, simply complete the enquiry form below and one of our staff will be in touch shortly with more information.

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