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The King Air BE350 (350i model) Initial Type Rating provides the training necessary for a Single Pilot or Multi-crew Pilot to operate the King Air BE350 (350i model) equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. In addition to receiving their type rating, completion of this course will satisfy the requirements of a CASA IPC, FR, IR renewal and recency requirements.

This course provides pilots with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate either as single pilot or multi-crew, acquiring an in depth understanding of aircraft systems, flight planning, weight and balance, and performance for the King Air BE350 (350i model).

The King Air BE350 (350i model) Initial Type Rating course is a 14-day program and is conducted at our Simulator and Flight Training Centre located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Pilots will have access to a full motion Level D King Air BE350 (350i model) simulator on site to complete their training.

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To be eligible to commence the King Air BE350 (350i model) Initial Type Rating course, you must hold at least:

  • Private, Commercial or Air Transport Pilot Licence
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • GTE and PXS design feature endorsements

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To apply, simply complete the enquiry form below and one of our staff will be in touch shortly with more information.