ATPL Flight Test & Preparation Course Overview

Flight Options provides a course of preparation for the ATPL Flight Test. The training will focus on the competencies required of a pilot-in-command of a multi-crew aircraft operation. Depending on your level of experience, the course will also cover multi-crew operations, instrument rating skills, multi-engine aircraft competencies and general piloting abilities. Once the course is completed, Flight Options will conduct the ATPL Flight Test.

The ATPL course has 2 entry levels, please see below options for more information.


Upcoming ATPL Course Dates

Pilots without the relevant Type Rating

Course Schedule

  • Ground School: 13 hours
  • Briefing / Debriefing: 12.5 hours
  • Simulator (FTD): 2 hours
  • Simulator (FFS): 22 hours
  • Total: 10 days

Course Overview

  • Pre-study on crew procedures (including quiz)
  • Short technical course
  • Introduce multi-crew operations
  • Consolidate multi-crew operations
  • Introduce basic abnormal procedures
  • ATPL Pre-Test
  • ATPL Flight Test

Pilots with a relevant Type Rating

Course Overview

  • Briefing / Debriefing:3 hours
  • Simulator (FTD): 9.5 hours
  • Simulator (FFS): 14 hours
  • Total: 6 days

Course Overview

  • Pre-study on crew procedures (including quiz)
  • Introduction to SOP’s
  • ATPL Pre-Test
  • ATPL Flight Test


  • Australian CPL
  • Current Class 1 medical certificate
  • MCC Certificate or required multi-crew experience
  • Have successfully completed the ATPL theory exams
  • Have the required flying experience (as required by CASR 61.705)
  • Multi Engine (A) Instrument Rating

Flight Options can also provide concurrent training for the relevant Type or Class Rating, if these are desired.

Course Calendar

Please see below for any upcoming ATPL course dates. These regularly change and are subject to availability, so please contact us to confirm upcoming dates.

Application Process

To apply, simply complete the enquiry form below and one of our staff will be in touch shortly with more information.

We’ll get in touch to confirm you meet any pre requisites, confirm future course dates and give you all the information about the course.