Charter a Private Jet and Minimise Exposure to Health Risks

By March 20, 2020 No Comments

With heightened risk of exposure to COVID-19 in terminals and with airlines cutting services, now more than ever, the benefits of private jet travel make sense. Chartering a private aircraft allows you to take a responsible approach to travel and take care of your family and business travel requirements.

  • Private arrival/departure facilities away from terminals and public lounges
  • No waiting in security and boarding queues
  • Travel direct to your destination in your own aircraft
  • Immaculately clean and comfortable cabin
  • Safety and personal security

The perception has been that private jets are for rock stars or the rich and famous, but the reality is, they provide valuable and cost-effective services to the private, business and medical sectors of the community.

Flight Options General Manager and Head of Operations, Phil Laffer, said:

“We are receiving an increase in requests for aircraft charter as people still want and need to travel. In the current environment they are looking for other options to fly safely without substantial health risks. People are choosing to charter with us because we can provide a service the airlines cannot; our charter customers have direct access to private facilities and the aircraft, they step straight on board, depart within minutes, fly directly to their destination, step off the aircraft and into an awaiting vehicle. All completely away from public carparks, airline terminals and crowds.”

Flight Options is an Australian owned and operated charter company providing a range of private jet aircraft with well-equipped interiors to conduct business or simply relax. The onboard experience includes individual large comfortable seating, private toilet and vanity area, spotlessly clean galley and entertainment.

Phil Laffer continued:

“Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and to ensure the health of our customers all our aircraft are sanitized before the flight, beyond what routine cleaning is already in place. Our flight crew have been handpicked for their extensive flying experience and their standards of personal customer service.”

For those who need to attend a business meeting, move company personnel, travel with an elderly grandparent and family, charter is the option more and more people are considering.

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