Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) Overview

Multi-crew cooperation course (MCC) training covers units of knowledge and practical skills that are used when pilots are part of a multi-crew operation. The training is generic to conducting multi-crew operations and is not specific to a type of aircraft.

The MCC course focuses on teaching candidates the fundamentals of operating as a crew in the multi-crew environment. The course offers students the opportunity to practice and develop the skills necessary for leadership and support roles. Students will receive training in both the Pilot Flying (PF) role and the Pilot Monitoring (PM) role during scenario-based training exercises.

MCC training is integral to obtaining a multi-crew pilot licence (MPL) and an ATPL.

Holders of a private pilot licence (PPL) or commercial pilot licence (CPL) also need to complete MCC training to be authorised to conduct a multi-crew operation.

Upon satisfactory completion of this course the candidate will have the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate that they are competent in multi-crew operational environment. There is no flight test or licence endorsement. As a part 142 operator we provide you with a course completion certificate as evidence that you have completed the course to the required standard.

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) Course Information

Course Module
7 days
Ground School
12.0 hours
Briefing / Debriefing
5.0 hours
Simulator (FFS – off motion)
20.0 hours

Course Overview

Pre-study (equivalent to 3 days) with two competency based tasks:

  • Essay analysing a multicrew aircraft accident
  • Course Quiz on crew procedures
  • Ground School
  • Human Factors
  • Threat and Error Management


  • Departure and arrival segments
  • Line Flight – Normal Procedures
  • Line flight – Normal & Abnormal Procedures
  • Line flight – Normal & Abnormal Procedures
  • Assessment Line Flight


Australian Flight Crew Licence

ATPL – Human Factors Theory Exam

Successful completion of the Pre Study Essay and Quiz

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