Is there a minimum age limit to commence flight training?

There is no minimum age limit to commence flight training with an instructor, however there are minimum age limits for flying solo and/or obtaining a pilot licence. According to CASA regulations, the following minimum age limits apply:

  • Solo flight – 15 years
  • RPL – 16 years
  • PPL – 17 years
  • CPL – 18 years
  • MPL – 18 years
  • ATPL – 21 years

What medical requirements apply to student pilots?

As per CASA legislation, there are no medical requirements for learning to fly when you are in the aircraft with your flight instructor. To fly solo you need to have either a CASA class 1 or 2 medical certificate or a recreational aviation medical practitioner’s certificate (restrictions apply).

What are the entry requirements for the Cadet Program?

Cadets must pass an airline interview, be 18 years of age before they reach the CPL component of the training, hold and Australian or New Zealand Passport (with the right to work in Australia), complete at least one CPL theory exam prior to commencement, hold a class 1 medical, qualify for an ASIC card and meet English Proficiency Level 6. Please refer to the Cadet Program information page for further selection criteria.

Where are you located?

Flight Options is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Flight training is conducted from Sunshine Coast Airport.

What aircraft are used for flight training?

Flight training is conducted in Cessna 172, Cessna 182 or the Piper PA44-180T Seminole depending on the level of experience of the student.

Do you use flight simulators in your training?

Flight Options have a number of state of the art flight simulators that are used during training. The use of the simulators varies subject to the course being completed. These include the FRASCA, the Citation C510 Mustang and the King Air 200/350 simulators.

Are there any educational prerequisites for becoming a pilot?

There are no educational prerequisites to learn to fly or to obtain a pilot licence. However, if you are obtaining a CPL or higher Flight Crew Licence you may find it beneficial to have background knowledge of Physics and Mathematics. It should be noted that airlines may have their own minimum requirements for completion of high school level education.

Do you offer VET Student Loans?

Flight Options is not a VET Student Loan approved course provider and as such all flight training courses are self-funded by the student.

Is there a specified level of English Proficiency required to hold a pilot licence in Australia?

Yes, there is. To complete a solo flight or to obtain an RPL, you must hold a current general or aviation English Language Proficiency (ELP) certification. To hold a PPL, CPL, MPL or ATPL you must hold a current aviation ELP. The aviation ELP is assessed into 1 of 6 levels. Levels 1, 2 or 3 aviation ELP are not eligible to obtain a licence or use aviation radio. Levels 4, 5 and 6 aviation ELP are eligible to hold a licence and use aviation radio. A Level 4 aviation ELP expires after 3 years, a Level 5 aviation ELP expires after 6 years and a Level 6 aviation ELP does not expire.